The #ICantKeepQuiet Global Community is made up of Gentle Rebels who bravely express themselves on behalf of the Misfits, the Survivors, and the Dreamers. We are dedicated to celebrating our unique voices and identities, in an effort to break the cycles of oppression and fear perpetuated by today’s state of affairs and media.

Our first project was the #ICantKeepQuiet Choir in Washington, D.C. during the Women’s March on January 21st, 2017. The choir, organized and led by artist MILCK, was composed of 26 strangers from all over the U.S., who rehearsed via Skype, and sang for unsuspecting strangers at the D.C. Women’s March through flashmob performances of an cappella version of “Quiet,” a powerful anthem written by MILCK and Adrianne “AG” Gonzalez. A video of one of the D.C. performances went viral, and ricocheted into a global movement of flashmob performances in countries like Sweden, Australia, and Ghana.

Presently we’re collecting stories about every day people in our community who have braved extraordinary circumstances to speak up. Some of these stories will be shared on this site’s homepage, as well as used as inspiration for future art projects. We also continuously search through all uses of #ICantKeepQuiet on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We encourage you and your loved ones to share your story either through the “SHARE YOUR STORY” tab on this site, and/or by using the hashtag on socials.

The #ICantKeepQuiet Global Community is dedicated to supporting organizations that are anchored in love, inclusivity, and hope, and that empower, unify, and mobilize fellow Gentle Rebels. As part of this effort, we’ve established the #ICantKeepQuiet Fund, which is supported by donations from our community, portions of MILCK’s tickets sales from shows, and proceeds from special merchandise items. These dedicated funds will be donated to handpicked organizations. Please visit the “#ICKQ FUND” tab on this site to learn more.





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